A family of chicken

活动内容:A family of chicken
活动目标:       1.通过活动复习英语单词cock、chicken、hen
活动准备:       1.Chicken头饰、鸡蛋(均人手一份)
2.cock(由教师扮演)hen (由大班幼儿扮演)
3.音乐《Mother hen》

1.              T: Come on Babies! Lets sing some songs, are you ready?
2.              复习单词cock、chicken、hen
T: Look! (教师带上cock头饰) Who am I? (cock)
T: Yes, I am cock..
T: 谁想做我的宝宝chicken? (帮每位托儿带上chicken头饰)
T: (亲亲抱抱cock) Who are you?(chicken)
3.              Rhyme:《A family of chicken》发现hen 不在
Chicken chicken, ji ji ji
Cock cock, wo wo wo
Hen hen, guoguoda guoguoda
二.寻找hen, 学习新单词egg
1.              T: Where is hen?
2.              播放音乐《Mother hen》hen 入场
3.              hen下蛋,托儿人手一个egg, 学念egg
(1)     念给cock听
(2)     念给客人听
1.              T: 宝宝们小心把egg敲碎了,快把egg交给爸爸
2.              T: 我们把这一篮的egg交给hen,让它在孵出很多的chicken,好不好?

Amazing shapes (2)

Teaching aim to learn shape  heart.star.
to review shape circle.tringle.rectangle.oval.square.
sentence; to review; what shape did you see?I see……
to lear  what shape is this? this is a……
to understand;can you find a shape like this and tell me what name it is?
Teaching aid ome shapes card.medie.brown bear.sticks
Teaching proce 1st;warming-u a.Let’s do finger plays.b.greetings.
2nd resentation.a.Let’s watch cartoon (to review shapes and sentence;what sha
did you see? I see a……)
b.Let’s learn the new shapes (heart .star.)
c.Let’s learn the sentence;what shape is this ?This is a…
d.Let’s sing a song.
3rd.Good -bye   a.TPR;-can you make a big circle for me? (everybody hands in
hands make a big circle.)
-can you make another shapes? use you body language,ok?
b.Say bye-bye to all the shape ye-bye star …etc…

bread sausage milk coffee

Teaching aims:
1 ew word :bread ausage milk coffee
2 Revisio :little car,milk
3 What day i today ? How are you ? How old are you ?
Teaching aids:
icture ag reorder music
Teaching te :
te 1:Greetings
T:Cla egin,stand up!
S:Stand u !stand u !I tand u !
T:Good morning oy and girl !
S:Good morning Mi Jiang !
T:Sit dow lease !
S:Sit down!sit dow !Isit dow !
te 2 :warm u
T:What day i today ?
S:Today i Monday.
T:How are you ?
S:Fine ,Thank you and you ?
T:I’m good !and how old are you ?
S:I’m five\six .(每个问提都分别叫幼儿回答或齐答)
Ste 3 Revision
全班小朋友一起读歌谣little car,milk
Ste 4 Lear ew words
T:I’m very hungry.Do you have anything give me to eat ?
S:NO ! O ! O !
T:Rellay ?what’ that ?(旁边有一个小袋子装了些东西,突然发现,叫一名幼儿拿来看看,里面是否有吃的)
T:Haa !what’ thi ? we call it read.
S:Bread !
T:Good !(带读,也可叫幼儿起来自己读,每个单词读5遍以上,而且要使幼儿都会认读。然后把图片贴在黑板上,这样一一引出其它3个新的单词:milk coffee ausage .最后一起复习)
Ste 5 lay game
预备的一张画贴在黑板上,一个叫BORBOR的人推着早餐车,让小朋友们帮忙,但是要知道它们的英语怎样说才可以卖完,一个人大喊:“Bread,bread,who want to uy a read ?It’ very deliciou !”随后全班的幼儿一起问:“Bread,bread,在哪里?”然后又叫一名幼儿上来找出所要买的英语卡片大声的说:“Bread,bread,在这里!”以同样的方式来卖出其它的早餐,再给予奖励。
Ste 6 ing a ong –Teddy ear.
Ste 7 It’ time to ay goodbye.

caterpillar butterfly ladybug

大班英文综合活动 caterpillar butterfly ladybug

Lesson Plan
Teaching content:
Words: caterpillar  ladybug
Sentences: Caterpillar is to be butterfly.
Teaching aim:
(1)  Help the kids learn the new words and sentence.
(2)  Help the kids review:
Words: Monday、Tuesday、Wednesday、Thursday、Friday、Saturday、Sunday、a le、pear、banana、strawberry、orange、cake、biscuit、hamburger、ice-cream、peach、watermelon、fat、thin、hungry
Chant: 《Season Chant》《A Week》
Song: 《Morning Song》
Teaching aids:
(1) Picture cards: caterpillar、ladybug 、a le、pear、banana、strawberry、orange、cake、biscuit、hamburger、ice-cream、peach、watermelon
(2) Real object: toy butterfly、yellow board、cotton.
Teaching procedure:
1、  Greeting: Say hello to all the guest teachers and make the  roll-call .
2、  Warm up : (1) Song 《Morning Song》
(2)Game 《Simon Says》
3、  Presentation
(1)  Talk about the weather、days and the season (Review the chant),tell the kids that there will be lots of i ects in  ring and summer with the warmer and warmer weather, such as ants 、 iders and so on. Guide the kids to find the i ects in the gra .
Show and teach them the words: caterpillar and ladybug.
Practice the words: whole cla —part—individual
Game of the two new words:
Listening game《Find your friends》
eaking game《London Bridge is Falling Down》
(2)  Caterpillar makes friends with the ladybug, they have a good time together(play some games). After a while, caterpillar feels a little hungry, he starts to eat: an a le、a pear、a banana、a strawberry、an orange、a cake、a biscuit、a hamburger、an ice-cream、a peach and a watermelon. Now the caterpillar become a fat one, not a tiny one any more. The caterpillar feels sleepy , so he build a small house and go to sleep.
(3)  Tell the kids that if they can count the 7 days a week for two times, they will find the magic change of the caterpillar. (Review the days of a week).Show them the butterfly and teach them the new sentence with TPR.
4、  Review
Today we know two new friends and we have a good time together, now it’s time to say goodbye (Sing the《goodbye song》 with the words: caterpillar and ladybug)

Do you like to eat

1.初步学习单词banana和orange,复习apple、pear的发音,复习歌曲Good morning.
2.初步感知sweet 和Do you like to eat? 的含义。


1.复习歌曲“Good morning to you.”
T: good morning, boys and girls. Let’s sing the song “good morning to you”, Ok?
C: Ok.
T: Look! I have a beautiful basket. There are some fruits in it! Look, that’s…
C: 香蕉
T: Yes, This is a banana.
T:(尝一口)Banana is sweet. Follow me. Banana is sweet. Do you like to eat banana?
C: Yes.
T: If you want to eat banana, Let’s sing the song “I like banana.” Ok?
C: Ok.
T: Ok, very good!
Monkey: Mrs. Gao, Miss Gao.
T: Let’s have a look, what’s coming?
C: Monkey.
T: Monkey, Yes!
M: I want to eat…(着急说不出来)
T: Oh, The Little monkey wants to eat the banana, but she can’t speak English.
Can you say it in English? Let’s tell her together, Ok? Ok, what’s this?
请幼儿一起说:This is a banana
T: Yes, Monkey. Banana, Do you know?
M: Yes, I know.
T: If you want to eat the banana, you’ll say it in English once more. I’ll give
it to you, ok?
M: Ok! I want to eat the banana.
T: Ok, here you are. Bye.
M: Bye, Thank you
T: You’re so great to help the monkey to solve the problem. Now I’ll introduce a
good friend to you.
QiQi (手偶琪琪): Good morning children. Today I bring you a kind of fruit, I’ll give
it to you, but I want to tell you it’s English name before I give it to you. But
I can’t speak English.
T: It doesn’t matter, Now, I’ll teach you the word. Then let’s teach Qi Qi
together, Ok?
C: Ok.
T: Orange, orange, orange is sweet.
What do you like? Do you like to eat orange?
Please say it to your friends beside you.
请小朋友之间相互说:“I Like orange. This is an orange.
T: Now, Do you know what this is? What’s this?
C: Orange.
T: Ok, Let’s tell QiQi together. This is an orange.
Qi: I know I know. This is an orange. It’s for you.
C: Thank you, Qi Qi.
Qi: You are welcome
T: Let’s play a game, I’ll ask one of you to touch in my basket. Then you’ll
tell the other friends. What have you touched. Ok?
C: Ok.
T: What’s this?
C: Apple (orange, pear, banana).
T: Oh, The fruits are sweet. Do you want to eat?
C: Yes.
T: Ok, Let’s sing the song “I like fruits”, Ok?
C: Ok.
T: Ok, before eating the fruit you must say: “I like…”, understand?
C: Yes.
T: Ok, come here.
一、  延伸

Draw a line

活动名称:Draw a line
3、利用draw a ……造句子
1、  用英语日常用语进行对话
——Good morning,How are you?What your name?How old are you?
2、出示所学过的三角形、圆形、心形,花,苹果……进行复习  3、出示短线(从一个口袋里慢慢拉出一条短线)教幼儿Line ,让幼儿跟读line, 提问Where is the line??? Where?(让幼儿指出哪里有line)寻找
4、再从另一个口袋里慢慢拉出一条长线,告诉幼儿long , long line, long line,让幼儿跟读,再出示前面的短线,教short , short line , short line,边教边用手比画。
5、出示黑板(简略说明黑板的英语名称), 在黑板上画条线,边画边说draw draw draw a line ,
Draw, (做动作,让幼儿记下此单词) Follow me , draw  ,draw a line , Look, What’s the shape ?(出示圆形的图片)Circle ,Oh , draw a circle , draw a circle ,
——draw, drew , draw a heart ,draw a flower,
Ok,Who can try ? (老师请一位小朋友上台玩游戏,被请上的幼儿背对着下面的小朋友,老师出示图片,下面的小朋友便读出,例下面的小朋友看到circle 时便说draw a circle,讲台上的幼儿听到指令后便在黑板上画上circle)
6、再复习一遍,老师在上面画,幼儿在下面说,老师不出声。  7、让幼儿Stand up ,listen to the DVD  听音乐,边学做律动边慢慢地Go pee pee。
8、Class  is over.

Easter Bunny复活节1

Easter Bunny

Teaching Plan: Easter Bunny
School: No.2 Education Kindergarten of Jiangmen (江门教育二幼)
Teacher: Eileen Zhou 周爱连
Children’s age: Four years’ old

can hop、找朋友、制作复活蛋、藏蛋和寻蛋等游戏,让幼儿知道了兔(Easter Bunny)和蛋(Easter
egg)在节日里的重要意义,知道了兔子跳是hop, 学会了单词Easter Bunny、Easter
egg、toy、basket、hop、hide。句型Color the egg, lots of fun. Go on an egg hunt.
4.单词:Easter Bunny  Easter egg  basket  toy  hop
2.Easter Bunny的音乐磁带
1. Warm up
T: Good morning, boys and girls. How are you today?
C: I am happy. Thank you. And you?
T: I am fine, too. Thank you. Please look at the sky, what’s the weather like?
C: It’s sunny/rainy/cloudy.
<2>. Music: “Weather”
“It’s a sunny day today. Sunny day, sunny day. It’s a sunny day today. Hot, hot,
2. New words
T: Easter is coming. Here comes an Easter Bunny. Look, she is hopping to us.
T: Hello, I am Easter Bunny. Nice to see you.
T&C: Nice to see you, too.
T: What’s in your hand?
T1: It’s a basket.
T&C: Basket, basket, It’s a basket.
T: What’s in your basket?
T1: Let me show you. This is a toy.
T&C: Oh, toy, toy, it’s a toy.
T: There are many toys in your basket. Let me see. This is a toy car. This is a
toy carrot. That’s a toy
dog. Oh, what’s that? It’s very beautiful.
T1: I want you to guess.
T: Is it a boat?
T1: No, it isn’t.
T: Is it a bowl?
T1: No, it isn’t.
T: I’m sorry, Easter Bunny. I don’t know. Boys and girls, do you know?
T1: (Match the egg) Do you know now. it’s an Easter egg.
T: Easter egg, Easter egg, It’s an Easter egg. How colorful it is!
T1: Yes, How many colors can you see?
T&C: Let’s count. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. There are seven.
T1: What colors are they?
T&C: They are red, blue, green, pink, orange, purple and yellow.
T: Easter eggs are so beautiful. May I have one.
T1: Sure. Here, I have many Easter eggs. But they are broken. Can you help me
match them?
T: Yes, I can. Can you, boys and girls?
3. Play games
<1>. Match the Easter egg from two parts.
Put the Easter egg puzzles on the floor. Have the children match them right.
<2>. I can hop.
T: Easter Bunny, you have so many toys. Shall we play with them?
T1: Of course. Let’s play together. (Have the children put on the headbands. Put
one object into each hulohoop.)
Now, I am an Easter Bunny. I can hop. Hop, hop, hop, I can hop. Hop to the toy.
Hop to the basket. Hop to the
Easter egg.
<3>Find friends
T: Easter Bunny has hided the Easter eggs down and up. Each of them has friends.
Can you find them out? (Have
the children find out the same Easter eggs.)
(Music: “Easter Bunny hop, hop, hop. Hide the eggs, down and up.”)
4. Follow up
Encourage the children to listen to the tape everyday and play games with their

English song “Do you know the fireman”

活动名称:English song  “Do you know the fireman”
2,玩具:听诊器、注射器、枪、方向盘、锅铲  玩具箱
T:Hello, boys and girls.
C:Hello, Jane.
T:Your are my good friends. but I have lots of friends.
Gue ! Who are they?
T:  what’s her/his  job?
C:  she/he is a doctor /nurse/ policeman/cooker/driver.
由教师的提问:what’s his job? 引发小朋友关于消防员工作的讨论,了解他们的辛苦和勇敢。
T:so, if someone ask me : Do you know the fireman?
I can say: oh, he is my best friend.
3、结合图片欣赏歌曲。Listen to the tape, and show kids the picture.
4、Teacher sings a song again.
— Do you know the fireman?(向左边幼儿做出询问的表情和动作)
— The fireman, the fireman?(手指图片)
— Do you know the fireman? (向右边幼儿做出询问的表情和动作)
— Oh, he is my best friend.(先指图片再指自己)
5、根据歌曲内容提问,幼儿将听到的词句反馈出来。教师特别讲解Do you know xxx 的用法,以及best friend的含义。
8、玩游戏:Do you know
大家问一个幼儿Do you know doctor?这个幼儿就从玩具箱中摸出相应的玩具听诊器,作看病的动作。

Fruits Are Healthy



1、复习One to Ten 十个英语数字;复习Duck ,Dog,Cat,Bear,Tiger,Monkey,几种小动物的英语词汇。
3、学习歌曲Fruits Ate Healthy
教学难点:词汇cherries grapes wayermelon 的正确发音。教学准备:小动物的图片,水果挂图,各类水果的图片宝宝,英语教学平台

一 、1问候: Hi,boys and girls!Hi,Miss sun!
2游戏:Let us play a game!
Ok! (幼儿在教师的带领下,以游戏的形式复习One To Ten 十个英语词汇)
3今天的天气很好,Miss sun带你们到动物园玩好不好。我们来看看动物园里有那些小动物。Look at a picture!(出示小动物的图片)Who
is it! Dog!(幼儿依次将小动物的英语名称说出来。)我们把他们的英语名字编成歌曲唱出来,好不好。(幼儿依次将小动物的英语名称唱出来)
二、1、Ok ,very good!你们唱的真好听来鼓励鼓励自己。(good good very
verygood)逛了这么长的时间,我都觉得渴了,想吃水果了,你们想不想吃。老师给你们买得好不好?好,close yout eyes一会老师就给你们买来了。Ok
open your eyes,看看老师给你们买了那些水果。(出示水果的教学挂图)我们先来看看第一个是谁 。What is it !
Apple。(教师带领幼儿练习apple 的发音,对于错误的幼儿要及时纠正。)你们想不想吃Apple 。好的
,咱们再吃苹果以前要怎么样?(先洗一洗)Ok。咱们在洗Apple 的时候洗一下就说一次Apple 。OK?
1) Apple Apple Apple Apple 啊呜啊呜啊呜 (多多的练习)
2)好的我们来看Apple 吃完了小朋友们学会了吗。 来Numb One说出Apple的英语名称 Numb Two ,Numb Three
,NumbFour 。
3)每组的小朋友一起说能够说出来。我们来看看一个小朋友能不能说出苹果的英语单词,next 下个小朋友接着说,next直到最后一个小朋友说完为止。
大大的),Peach长的什么样子(甜甜的 、大大的)Watermelon(大大的 圆圆的) Pear(黄黄的 甜甜的) Cherries (红红的)
Grapes(紫色的、圆圆的)Orange(甜甜的) Bnanan(黄黄的 弯弯的)好我们这么唱好不好:
Apple Apple 红苹果 Peac Peach甜桃子 Watermelon 大西瓜 Pear Pear大黄梨 Cherries Cherries红樱桃
Grapes Grapes紫葡萄 OrangeOrange 甜桔子 Bnanan Bnanan黄香蕉(可以运用在幼儿较熟悉的音乐,反复的练习)
3、 好的吃完了好吃的水果,老师这里还有好多的水果宝宝(Fruit
Catefuily!(幼儿听歌曲Fruits Ate
Healthy)好听吗?你们想不想学,我们和你们的水果宝宝一起到外面去,让水果宝宝把这首好听的歌教给我们好不好?幼儿听着Fruits Ate

go shopping


A: Hello! Can I help you?
B: Yes, I want a sweater for my daughter, please.
A: How about this one?
B: Oh, good. The size is OK.
C: Mum, I don’t like the colour.
A: Do you like this purple one?
C: Cool! That’s my favourite colour.
B: How much is it?
A: Sixty-eight yuan.
B: Here’s the money.
A: Thanks.

size 尺寸;大小
purple 紫色的
cool 棒的


  1. 能听懂、会说本篇对话;
    2. 能运用会话中的句型进行扩展性的情景会话;
    3. 能听懂、会说新单词:purple, size, cool。








Step 1.     Greetings
T: Good morning, boys and girls. glad to meet you.
Step 2. Presentation
(1) Lead-in
T: You know, I’m new here. I thought it would be hot in Zhuha.But today it
is cold. I’m just in a blouse.
Now I’m feeling a little cold. So I want to go shopping and buy some warm
clothes. (Read the title “shiopping”.)
(2) Play a guessing game (课件:显示屏上出现一些碎片,碎片慢慢扩大,变成一件毛衣)
T: What am I going to buy? What do I want? Just guess and say: “YOu want
T= the teacher    C= the computer  Ss= the students
C: Can I help you?
(Learn to say:”Can I helpyou?”)
T: I want a sweater, sir.
C: How about this one? (课件:售货员拿出一件很大的毛衣。)
T: I think it’s too big.
C: How about this one? (课件:售货员拿出一件很小的毛衣。)
T:How about this one? What do you think?
Ss:It’s too small.
C: How about this one? (课件:售货员拿出一件对教师来说大小合适的毛衣。)
(Learn to say:”How about…?”)
T: I think the size is OK. Do you think so?
(Learn to say:”size”.)
(Read after the teacher:”The size is OK.”)
T: The size is OK, sir. but I don’t like this colour.
C: What’s your favourite colour?
T: What’s my favourite colour is …(课件:毛衣随着学生的回答变换颜色,并由此引出新授单词”purple”。)
(Learn to say:”purple”.)
T: (take out a purple sweater)I like this purple sweater.

(4) Play a game: Guess the price of the sweater.
Ss: How much is it?
S1 : …yuan.
(If the price S1 guess is too low, the teacher will say:”Up, up, up.”; if
too high, the teacher will say:” Down, down,
down.” Each students has three chances to guess.)
After the students guess the price right, the teacher puts on the purple
sweater and asks the students “Am I cool?”
(Leatn to say:”Cool”.)
Step 3. Practice
(1)Listen to the dialogue.
T: What have you heard in the dialogue?
(2)Listen to the dialogue and repeat it sentence by sentence.
(3)Pratice in groups of three.
Step 4 Consolidation
(1)Divide all the students into 5 groups: stationer’s, toy shop, clothes
shop, fruit shop and food shop. Put some goods in each
shop. Get the students to do the shopping in groups.
(2)Ask the students to go to different shops and buy different things.
Step 5 Ending
The students sing a song “Good-bye.”




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