Go to the sea world

二、 体验与朋友交往的乐趣,培养幼儿乐于运用英语进行表达。
一、 布置海底世界的场景。
二、 课件”海洋世界”。
一、律动:”Go to the sea world”
T: Today, Let”s go to the sea world .
T: Look!Here we are,The bottom of sea.
T&C: The bottom of sea.
T: Hey!Who is coming?(老师演示课件)
T&C: It”s a turtlecrab clown fishsea starsea horse.
T: It has eight hands, Soft body! Who is it?
T&C: It”s an octopus!
T: It”s clown fish”s good friend. Clown fish always hide in it, who is it? (鼓励幼儿大胆猜想后演示课件)
T&C: It”s a sea anemone.
T: It has two big wings and a long tail. It can swim fast. Who is it? (鼓励幼儿大胆猜想后演示课件)
T&C: It”s a ray.
三、 游戏”Play hide-and-seek”
T: Look! What”s the animal under the magnifying glass.
T&C: It”s an octopus a sea anemone a ray.
T: The sea animals are hiding! Let”s find them and tell me :”Who is it?”
T: Now, Let”s put on the headbands. Very good! We become lovely sea animals.
T: Who are you?
T&C: I”m a…….
四、 音乐游戏:Skip to my Lou
1、Ok! Do you have any good friends? Look! The sea star has a good friend. Who is it?
(利用课件演示海星与章鱼互相介绍的语言:This is my good friend , He\she is….)
T: Let”s sing and make friends:
Skip, skip, Skip to my Lou, Skip, skip, Skip to my Lou,
Skip, skip, Skip to my Lou, Skip to my darling.
T: “Let”s shake hands”when the music is over,Introduce your friend:This is my good friend , He\she is….
T: What do you want to do with your friends?
T&C: Share the foodsingdancego shoppinggo to the partyplay together……(鼓励幼儿发散思维)
五、看图读和演:Act out the book
T: Take a look !I have a big book!Let”s do as the animals do and please tell others what you are doing.
(老师出示图文并茂的大图书,让幼儿在音乐中看图、读和演。内容有:We are swimming. We are eating. We are turning round.We are blowing bubbles.We are sleeping.We are dancing.We are

Green grass is on the ground.

主题:Green gra  is on the ground.


Time:November 11th

Teaching aims

Le on 9
认读Q and R
听懂: Your green gra  is on the ground. I know you like it.
Good afternoon.
会唱:< Baaing, baaing, peeper shee gt;

Teaching tool:
Some cards、tape
Teaching  Procedures



1st.Warm up
First: cheek name.
Second: Sing the song with children about what we have learned last le on <hello, hello. Dozer Doggie>.
Children should act and sing the song.
Your can act what you want to act.

Review the contents about le on 8.
First:  Show some cards and put the children to say: I can see ……and I can’t see…
Second: make the children say three dogs name.
Method: play the flash card game with the children and help them to remember the sentence :I can see ……or I can’t see…
Some words they don’t know how to read.
But the are very interested in the game ,most of the children can say I can see table 、book TV act.
The can remember the dogs name.

First: show the cards and introduce Peeper sheep to the children.
Second: look at C D and listen to the contents about the le on:
Peeper sheep:  Good afternoon, peeper sheep.
Mighty m&;#111nkey: Good afternoon Mighty m&;#111nkey.
Mighty m&;#111nkey: I see. You’re hungry. Here you are. Your gra . Your green gra  in on the ground…
Third: teaching the children how to  eak world and sentence of the dialogue.
Fourth: Tell them the mea  about the dialogue. And encourage the children to act the dialogue in front of the cla room.
Learn the song: &;lt aaing, baaing. Peeper shee gt;
They can remember the sheep’s name quickly.
When we listen to the dialogue together, some children can say some worlds about what we have learned in the picture. ex: they can say the world gra  ,tree, Dance Doggie, and so on.
Repeat the sentence “your green gra  is on the ground” more and more.

< aaing, baaing. Peeper shee>
Fallow the tape, singing the song < aaing, baaing. Peeper shee >tighter.
5th.Feed back
Most of the children can  eak the sentence, but some of them can’t.
The children are more interested in the game and song.

6th.Judge of myself
I should keep more patience with the children.

hat do you want? i want ….

大班英语活动:对话练习 what do you want?  I want……

目标 :

1、理解what do you want?  I want……的含义,学习想要want、巧克力chocolate的正确发音。

3、复习“in the morning”中的句式,能进行语言互换。


1、 各种食品,苹果apple, 桔子orange, 饼干biscuit蛋糕 cake, 糖果candy, 巧克力chocolate、


引导幼儿进入情境,复习“in the morning”中的句式,能进行语言互换。内容:
Brush my teeth/ wash my face/ wash my hands/ comb my hair
(2)身体运动 头头,转转转等等,
Head, head, turn around
Feet, feet jump and jump
(1) 教师一人饰演两个角色,利用情节的发展引导幼儿和替代角色互动,并参与活动。
(2) 师生对话,练习句式。
I、     提问:Kala bear的点心屋来了客人,它怎么招待客人的?(what do you want?)
客人是怎样回答的?(I want…..)
II、  教师帮助幼儿理解对话的含义。
III、  师生练习对话,分集体、小组、个人练习对话(what do you want?)(I want…..)
(3) 请幼儿参与情境表演。
I、   介绍Kala bear snack room的食品名称,重点纠正(巧克力chocolate)的发音。
II、   幼儿参与游戏,每次2-3人扮演服务生,游戏数次。
玩法:由Kala bear 来布置今天的超级任务“在单词卡片中找字母c”,谁找到就可以带走点心,还有Kala bear的kiss。

how to make tea

教学名称:How to make tea.




2.正确掌握音标/v/发音要领,学习并会运用短语Have some water ./Have some tea.

教学准备:茶叶 茶壶 水杯 矿泉水瓶 热水壶 椅子 桌子


  1. 组织教学:Let’s count from one to ten.
  2. 练习单词five 的发音,讲解音标/v/的发音要领并练习/v/的发音.
  3. 学习单词have,注意幼儿的发音。
  4. 情景表演:

Mary: It’s fine day , It’s fine day .I’ll visit my friend.

Ding-dong, Ding-dong.

Alice: Who’s it.

Mary: It’s me, It’s me. Mary.

Alice: Welcome, welcome. Sit down, please!

Would you like to have some tea?

Mary: Thank you.

Alice: Oh, my god. It’s empty. Mummy is not in.
Mary: No problem. I’ll show you how to make tea.

  1. 通过情景表演引出单词water和tea的学习。教读数遍。
  2. 演示冲茶过程,巩固单词water和tea的学习。
  3. 请幼儿品尝冲好的茶,引出短语Have some tea. 的学习。
  4. 学习并会运用
    幼儿园大班英语教案:how to make tea短语Have some water ./Have some tea.
  5. 游戏活动:请幼儿分组冲茶,将冲好的茶请客人品尝。练习运用短语Have some water ./Have some tea.
  7. 小结本次课的学习内容。

    Let`s Do It .

    教学活动:Let`s Do It .

    1、学会说 reading、 singing、 drawing、 dancing,并知道其意思;复习单词ru ing、 walking 、hop;

    reading、 singing、 drawing、dancing的图片各一幅

    一、Warm up :
    1  Greeting——《Hello》song ;
    2   Review——sing the《Ru ing》song;
    二、Gue  ,what am I dong ? ——reading、 singing、 drawing、dancing;
    3、Game : 《I say , you do》
    If I say “reading”, you are reading; If I say “singing”, you are singing……
    三、Look at the pictures ,and follow me say the words;and tell me what`s the words ` meaning .
    1、Practice :Game《I do ,you say》
    If I am reading, you say the word “reading”; If I am singing, you say the word “singing”……
    2、Game《Traffic lights》
    Teacher: If I point to green light , you should follow me say the word (reading、 singing、 drawing、dancing), If I point to red light , you should be no voice .
    四、Game : 《Wood man》
    All the children make a big circle , sing a song ,when I say stop , you should be a wood man , do nothing .
    五、Cla  is over: sing《 Say Good bye》

    lion’s birthday

    character:  lion
    ra it a
    ra it b
    teddy bear a
    teddy bear b
    l: hello, everyone. i’m lion. today is my birthday. i’m very ha y. i dre ed beautiful. i prepared a delicious cake for my friends. i’m busy.
    r: hello, everyone. i’m ra it. today is lion’s birthday. let’s go lion’s home. (song: walking, walking, walking, walking, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, ru ing, ru ing, ru ing, ru ing, ru ing, ru ing, now let’s go, now let’s go.)
    l: who?
    r: i’m ra it.
    l: good morning, ra its.
    r: good morning, lion. how are you?
    l: i’m fine, thank you. come in please.
    r: thank you.
    r: ha y birthday. (把礼物给狮子)here you are. we hope you like.
    l: thank you. sit down please. please, please(拿出一些吃的请小兔子们吃)
    r: thank you.
    teddy bear : hello, everyone. i’m teddy bear. today is lion’s birthday.
    we prepared a present for him. let’s go lion’s home. (song: teddy bear, teddy bear, walk, walk, walk. teddy bear, teddy bear, hop, hop, hop, teddy bear, teddy bear, run, run, run, teddy bear, teddy bear, jump, jump, jump. )
    l: who?
    b: i’m teddy bear.
    l: good morning, teddy bears.
    b: good morning, lion. how are you?
    l: i’m fine, thank you. come in please.
    b: thank you. ha y birthday.  (把礼物给狮子)here you are.
    l: thank you. sit down please. please, please. (拿出一些吃的请小熊吃)
    l: time is up. let’s enjoy the birthday cake, ok?
    b,r,l: (最后齐唱生日快乐歌)song: ha y birthday to you. ha y birthday to you. ha y birthday to you. ha y birthday to you.
    teddy bears, ra its: ha y birthday lion.

    May I come in? Come in,please

    学习:May I come in? Come in,please.

    活动名称——Learn:May I come in? Come in,please.

    2、感受、理解句型“May I come in? Come in,please.”并学习表达.
    活动流程:自然导入、激发兴趣  感知理解、体验交流  活动延续。

    1、  师生问候(Daily talk)
    2、  (出示猫)What’s this?
    Please act the cat.

    1、  Cat, cat, It’s a cat.
    2、  Cat, cat, 喵喵。

    1、  边演示教具边讲述故事
    2、  Game: Close your door.
    3、  指导幼儿学说并互相操练:May I come in? 巩固:Come in , please.
    4、  演示教具,引导幼儿集体讲故事。

    1、  听故事
    2、  作关门状。教师去敲门:May I come in?幼儿答:Come in,please.同时穿插对话
    3、  同伴之间交换位置,互相敲门,互问互答。
    4、  齐讲故事。
    (出示太阳)Oh, Look. The sun comes out, Let’s play go out. Song: <Mother finger, baby finger.>

    实践反思:这是第一次尝试故事中的句型教学。首先,我引出故事中的主人公“Cat”,让幼儿学一学小猫,调节一下情绪和气氛。故事中重复出现“May I come in?”对幼儿进行听觉上的刺激,而教具的演示则有助于句子含义的理解,操练中的关门动作是使幼儿真正理解句子的关键。先学“Comge in , please.”后学习“May I come in .”让幼儿来敲敲我的门,并通过互相敲门进行综合操练和运用,达到师生互动、生生互动的效果,在集体讲述故事中再次巩固句子并感受小狗的友好。

    New house

    活动内容: New house (大班)

    执教教师: 马魏娜

    1.通过游戏活动"布置新房",复习对日常生活中常用单词,介词及句型 I need… … I put it… …进一步掌握.
    2.通过描述日常生活中幼儿所熟悉的物和事情,激发幼儿学习英语的兴趣. 活动准备:     1.房子图片 2.平面示意图――组合图(1幅)平面示意图――教师示范幼儿操作图(1大6小)
    3.小超市所需图片若干 活动过程:

    一.幼儿边唱“Happy home”边进教室,并引导幼儿与老师招呼.   Today, we
    have so many guests in our classroom.   Let’s say “ hello” to them.   All right!
    Sit down, please!


    1.出示房子图片,引起兴趣:"Look! What’s this?"
    2.复习各种房间的名称:This is the bedroom ( bathroom   living room  kitchen)
    3.以布置房间的形式引起幼儿兴趣. Now, I want to decorate them.  First, I want to decorate my
    living room. Can you help me?

    4.请6-7名幼儿先商量布置客厅,引导幼儿去超市购买所需要的物   品. I need
    something to decorate it. Can you help me? Look ! The supermarket is beside my
    new house. You can get there and buy something we need. Who can help me?
    a.要求幼儿通过商量,购置布置客厅所需的物品. Think about it. What we need! b.复习句型I need……
    c.请幼儿将所购买的物品布置到客厅内,并复习句型I put……   及各种介词的用法. Are you ready? Come on! You do it!
    Tell us, where do you put it?

    (二) 幼儿分组操作,教师指导.

    1.a .引起幼儿布置其他房间的兴趣.   I so believe you. Look at my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.   They are almost empty.
    Let’s decorate them, ok? b.引导幼儿布置其他房间.   This is bedroom. (bathroom  kitchen)
    What we need?

    2.  引导幼儿自由组合并讨论怎样布置其他房间,并学习去超市购买所需物品. If you want to decorate the bedroom ( bathroom  kitchen). You can go there and here. The supermarket is beside you. You can get there and buy something you need.

    3.幼儿分组操作,教师巡回指导. You do it! It’s up to you!

    4. 引导幼儿把图纸讲述给客人老师听. Say something about your picture to our guests.

    5.  听音乐安静入座. 三.通过竞赛的形式进一步复习巩固介词的用法及句型I need…  I put it…

    Come on! Let’s have a race. Tell us something about your picture. (we need… …I put it… …)


    1.鞭炮起,教师发糖 Welcome to my new house

    2.Song:<Happy home> 出教室.


    Theme: Party
    Su orting materials: tapes, cards, the
    ghost’  coat , the magician’s
    hat / bag/ stick ,  house models,
    Teaching contents:  prince , sheriff,
    ghost, clow
    Sentence : What ’s the weather
    like today ?
    Song:  《Party song》
    Prince , sheriff, ghost, clown. one, two,
    there, four, five  sit  down.
    Prince , sheriff, ghost, clown. Five, six,
    seven, eight  sit  down.
    Teaching  proce :
    1.a.Greetings: Good morning ,everybody!
    Look outside . What ’s the weather
    like today ? Yes, it’s su y. When
    the su y I ’m very ha y .
    b.Warming up :
    Well, well … We are ha y now.
    Let’  play a game. Ok?
    Up, up, up. Down, down, down .
    Left, left, left. Right, right, right.
    e a XX  go  go  go ! (Go  over  there ,then teacher say :The mo ter is coming .Children must go back to their seats as quickly as they can .If someone  go back  slowly , he will be eaten by  the mo ter .)
    2. Directio :
    (1)First teacher be prince /sheriff/ ghost/clown and do the action . Let them gue : who am I ? Then show them cards
    let them gue .(The teacher become a magician .) the magician use :Abracadabra, one , two , three…Oooh! show the card  for the children.
    a: Shaking
    Show children. the magician’ bag and let them gue  :what are they in the bag?
    Invite one child come to the front . the kid and teacher catch the bag and shake
    quickly. Then let he/she take out a card
    and say : prince /sheriff/ghost/clow
    b: Jumping
    Invite one boy/girl come to the front.
    The teacher say: I say the clown one
    time ,you jump to the clown one time.
    I say the clown two time ,you jump
    to the clown two time. Make another
    children clap hands and say the word.
    a. At the first ,let the kids listen to the song and see the teacher ’s action.(1x)
    b. Teacher teach them one sentence by sentence slowly.(1x)
    c. let everybody sing this song.(3x-)


    Teaching  style:  New le o
    Teaching  Time:  One
    Teaching  aims:
    1.To learn some new words about farm: mouse, pig, fox.
    2.To learn a poem: These are grandma’s gla es.
    Language  points: The new word  and po e ive’s.
    Difficult  points:
    1.The po e ive’s.
    2.The poem: These are grandma’s gla es.
    Teaching  aids: Computer, tape and some word cards.
    Teaching  methods: Communicative a roach
    Blackboard  design: These are Grandma’s gla es.
    Teaching ste :
    Step1 Warm up:
    1.Sing the song  together “Head ,shoulders ,knees and toes”.
    Sing and do the actio  2 times.
    2.Listen and do the actio :
    Touch your nose/ head/ legs/ feet/…
    Ask some   to come to the front to act.
    Step2 Review
    T points to self and introduces:
    This is my body. This is my head. These are my eyes…
    Let’s   point to themselve  and  repeat.
    Then ask some   to introduce  themselves in grou .
    Step3 Look, listen and repeat.
    Look at the screen: A car.
    Let’s   look at the screen and gue  what we’ll learn this le on.
    1.Teach the words “pig”.  Read and repeat.

    Then read one by one or read in pairs.
    2.T asks “How do you go to a farm?”
    can a wer with the words we’ve learnt before.
    T elicits the new word “motorbikes” and let   gue  the meaning.
    Read and repeat. Pay attention to the pronunciation of “pig”.
    3.T”Now let’  go to the farm ,let’s go to see the animals.”
    Let’s  guess  the meaning of “animals”.:”fox”.
    Read and repeat.

    4.Show   the slides of “pig, fox” ,read and repeat.
    Pay attentio  to the pronunciation of” mouse”.

    Step4 Read and repeat.
    1.Look at the card  and read the new words one by one.
    2.Look at the   some cards.
    read in pairs.  Check each other.
    3.Look at the card: The farm.
    Let’s   say out the words again.
    4.Show   the word cards one by one , let   say out them as quickly as they can.
    The  Let’s try to make some sentences with the new words in Chinese and English.
    Step5  Say and do the actio
    Look at the card: The poem.
    1.Play the tape,   listen to the poem 2 times.
    2.T says the poem sentence by sentence with actio :
    For example:
    These are Grandma’s gla es: mime gla es on eyes.
    This is Grandpa’s hat: mime putting a hat on the hat.
    Grandma, Grandma folds her arms: folds arms…
    Let’s   guess  the meaning.
    3. Explain for the  .  Pay attention to “Grandma’s/Grandpa’s”, give   some other examples: Amy’s…,  Deming’s…, my father’s…
    4.Teach the poem line by line.
    5.Play the tape again, and let   try to repeat several times.
    Then   clap and say together.
    Gra  the new words we’ve learnt today and try to say the poem fluently.

    Play with hapes

    1、  encourage the kids to recognize and say the word
    2、  review the words about color
    3、  让幼儿通过看、听、说等多感官来体会学习英语的快乐;
    4、  建立良好的听说能力;
    5、  通过tpr、游戏等活动,让幼儿在学习外语的同时,发展其动觉智力。

    teaching materials(教具准备): 
    tape ; sticker; 魔法棒一个;各种图形的图片; 毛线;自制钓鱼工具;情境挂图;cd;

    teaching proce (教学流程): 
    一、  warm up(热身) :
    1、 tpr:播放律动“play-way to english”,让幼儿伴随着音乐进入课堂,并一起做律动。
    t: how are you today?
    s: i’m fine, thank you! and you?
    t: i’m fine too. and how is the weather today?
    s: it’s su y/rainy day.
    t: woo… you are so great. you are looking so lovely today. ok, now today i’m magic, and then please look at the blackboard.
    二、teaching new words about shapes:
    1、  通过魔法游戏以开火车的方式一一在黑板上出示各种图形;
    2、  学习词汇:square star triangle rectangle heart oval;
    3、  q&a:what color is the(square)? 复习相关颜色词汇;
    4、  字汇游戏(一): fishing game
    t:ok, now would you like play a game? s:yes.
    t:  let’s have a compotatio  if i say the words, you should use this one, fishing the right picture as fast as you can, the first one is the wi er. understand? ok, who can try? ready go.
    t:oh, please look at the picture; who is he/she?
    s:  she/he is midi/haley….
    t:  can you gue  what are they doing? (请幼儿观察图画后回答)
    what’s i ide? what shape is it? 请幼儿上来一一找出图画里欠缺的物品,并回答相应的问题,帮助复习巩固所学词汇。
    四、游戏(二):make the shapes by yourself.
    woo…today you are very clever, are you ha y today ? now i want to make a circle, let’s make, ok? sing a song“the more we get together.”结束活动。

    Put on & Take off

    活动内容:Put on & Take off


    1.  乐意参加英语活动,对英语活动感兴趣。

    2.    复习单词:coat、cap、glaves、shoes、sport shoes新授单词:glasses(眼镜)、pants(裤子)、scarf(围巾)

    3.    能结合所学单词熟练运用句型Put on…… Take off…….


    1.  多媒体VCD(事先录制)

    内容: A.太阳升起时小朋友起床,穿戴自己的衣物(句型练习:Put on……、出现新授单词glasses、pants、scarf)B.天黑了,小朋友准备上床睡觉(句型怜惜:Take off……)C.两名幼儿相互间发指令(复习巩固单词与句型)




    一、Warming up

    rhyme:<coat and cold>

    coat coat coat、cold cold cold

    if you are cold, put on your coat.


    1.T: Everybody, there is a program for you! Please watch carefully!


    3.T: ok! In this program, there are three new words for you, what are they?


    glasses:Everybody, follow me! Glasses!(集体幼儿跟教师念)

    say: put on my glasses.

    Pants: What’s this? (pants) (集体念后,个别幼儿念)

    Say: put on my pants.

    Scarf: What’s this? (Scarf) Ok, pass around.(开火车念)

    Say: put on my Scarf.

    5.Ok, who wants to be a teacher and ask us? (请一名幼儿提问:What’s this?

    What are they?其他幼儿回答:glasses、pants、scarf)


    1.T: Ok! let’s go on.(继续观看录像B)

    2.T: It is so interesting, let’s do it together, ok?

    Take off my cap\ Take off my coat\ Take off my pants\ Take off shoes

    T: Once again!

    Take off my cap\ Take off my coat\ Take off my pants\ Take off my shoes.


    1.  T: Here is a game for you, Watch carefully!(观看录像C)

    2.  T: That’s all! Do you understand?

    3.  集体游戏:

    T: Now, there are coat、cap、gloves、shoes、sport shoes、glasses、pants、scarf

    T: I want two children of you, who wants to try?

    游戏规则:请两名幼儿比赛,比赛幼儿听教师口令作相应动作,(put on your……take off your…….最快者为胜)

    T: Who wants to try? You say, they do!

    4.  分散游戏:

    T: On the tables, there are coat、cap、gloves、shoes、sport shoes、glasses、pants、scarf here.

    T: Find your coat、cap、gloves、shoes、sport shoes、glasses、pants、scarf.

    And put on them.

    T: Then make a friend. You say and your mate do it.\ Your mate say and you do it. Understand?

    T: Ok! Come on, Let’s do it!


    1.  音乐起,幼儿集中。集体念儿歌《put on and take off》

    Put on your cap、put on your coat、put on your pants、put on your shoes.

    I feel cold, I feel cold.

    Take off your cap、Take off your coat、Take off your pants、Take off your shoes.

    I feel warm, I feel warm.

    ed light

    教学内容:red light







    1。师生相互问好。A:Good morning  evrybody!B:Good morning Miss zheng .


    Long lizard long  ,lying on a  log  ,

    look at the  lizard ,lying on a  log.

    3.教师声情并茂的讲红绿灯的故事,幼儿初步复习Red、Yellow、green、go等颜色的词并初步感知Stop 、wait




    4.幼儿学习动词Stop 、wait

    (1)幼儿与师边念歌谣边作动作。停一停StopStopStop。等一等wait wait wait




    7。师小结,新课结束Good evry one,see you agian.

    Review units 5~9

    Teaching  aims:
    to  review: number  color  stationery  body
    teaching  aids:color paper  atlas
    T:Today,we’re going to have a revision class. Now, are you ready?
    Ⅰ.warming  up.
    Song: A B C song
    T:let’s sing the “ABC sing”,o.k? The whole class,ready?
    Ⅱ.Daily  talk.
    T: let’s have a daily talk!
    Ⅲ.game: Draw lots.(一)
    T:there are so many piece of paper in this box. You can choose one and tell me
    what color is it. then open and read the numb. on  it. I will help you to count
    Ⅳ.review three chants.
    T:let’s have a rest!
    1.   two little black birds
    2.   at the farm
    3.   clap your hands
    Ⅴ. Game: Draw lots.(二)
    Ⅵ.review two songs
    1.   ten little fingers.
    T:how many fingers do you have?let’s count. ……
    Let’s sing the song ten little fingers.
    2.   walking walking

    run、play football 、jump rope

    1.学习单词:run、 play football 、jump rope
    t: hello,good morning,boys and girls!
    c: hello,good morning,mi  su
    2, to learn
    (1)t:what’s do you see?
    t:yes, football.read after me,please.
    c: football, football, football
    tk.do you like football?
    tk,let’s plaly football.(做踢足球的动作)
    c: plaly football. plaly football. plaly football.
    (2)t:what am i do?(教师在跳绳)
    c: 跳绳.
    t:very good.read after me,please.jump rope.
    c: jump rope, jump rope ,jump rope.
    t:can you jump rope?
    tk,please read it loudy .
    c: jump rope, jump rope, jump rope.
    (3)t:boys and girls,please look at it.(出示跑步动作的图片)
    what’s do you see?
    t:yes, 跑步,run.
    c: run. run. run.
    3.play game
    t:now let’s play a game.i say chinese ,you say english.ok?

    she is my mother

    She is my mother.
    Total: 3      Lesson: 2
    Teaching purpose:  Use pronouns to identify people.
    Ask a ‘Who’ question
    Use adj to describe people.
    Teaching difficulties: handsome, pretty, smart, naughty
    Who is this? It is me.
    Who is he? He is my father.
    He is handsome.
    I love my father.
    Teaching procedures:
    A: Revision
    1. Singing: Hello, How are you?
    I like coffee
    Teddy Bear
    2. A chant: grandfather, grandfather, old,
    grandmother, grandmother, healthy,
    father, father, handsome,
    mother, mother, pretty,
    uncle, uncle, fat,
    auntie, auntie, slim,
    sister, sister, smart,
    brother, brother, naughty,
    I am lovely.
    3.Tony’s family picture: Who is he? He is my father.
    a.     The teacher asks and the students answer.
    b.     Boys ask and girls answer.
    c.     Girls ask and boys answer.
    4.Singing: Who is he?
    B: Presentation
    1.    A picture of myself:
    T: Who is she?  Ss: She is Miss Zhang.
    T: Yes, it is me.
    2.    Teach the new structure:  Who is this? It is me.
    3.    A picture of our class: ( All the students ask together, and the one who
    is in the picture should stand up and says: It is me.)
    Ss: Who is this?  S1:It is me.

    4.    A Game: Look at the screen and the one appear on the screen
    should stand up and say the sentence.
    Tony, Tony, can you see?
    Tony, Tony, it is me.
    1.    Go back to Tony’s family picture.
    2. father—father, handsome
    mother—mother, pretty
    sister—sister, smart
    brother—brother, naughty
    3.    Draw the lines.
    naughty       smart         pretty         handsome
    4.    A Game: Who is handsome (pretty, smart, naughty) please come to the front
    then chant together.
    e.g. Charley, Charley, handsome.
    Harry, Harry, handsome….
    5.    Introduce Tony’s family members:

    Who is he?

    He is my father.
    He is handsome.
    I love my father.

    6. Drill: He is my father.
    He is handsome.
    I love my father.
    7. Look at your own pictures then do pairwork:
    A: Who is she?
    B: She is my mother.
    She is pretty.
    I love my mother.
    8. Drawing: Draw a picture of your family, then introduce your family members.
    e.g. She is my sister.
    She is smart.
    I love my sister.



    1.学会新单词:  orts shoes, sli ers, just right, tight


    一.  Greeting
    Hello ,how are you ?
    What ‘s  the weather like today ?
    What the day is today ?
    二.  Warming
    《The sun》、《The moon》
    三.  新授
    1.  Gue
    What’s in the bag ?
    It’s ……
    They are ……
    2.One by one
    3. 示范
    (1)老师示范:let me try them on.
    1. They are tight .  They are not my size.
    2. They are just right.  They are my size.
    (2) 幼儿示范:
    T:how do you feel?
    S:They are tight .  They are not my size
    They are just right.  They are my size.
    4. Game
    Do you want to try?
    Ok ,take off your shoes
    Stand up.
    How do you feel?
    Sing a song “The more we get together ”

    The very hungry caterpillar

    活动名称: The very hungry caterpillar




    一个神秘箱 、一个果篮


    1、 猜一猜
    (1) 将部分毛毛虫的食物及毛毛虫放在神秘箱里,让幼儿摸其中一样, 然后猜一猜摸到的是什么,然后拿出来验证猜测结果。 教师首先示范, 用动作提示幼儿操作。 Look, it’s a secret box . What’s in it ? I will feel one kind of, will feel what it is?幼儿摸到毛毛虫,教师说 the caterpillar can ——-(用动作引导幼儿说creep)。
    (2 ) T: a le is sweet, do you want to eat ? s: Yes 。T:caterpillar is sweet ,do you want to eat? T:  a le pinea le banana orange peach and pear are all sweet ,we like eating them,and the caterpillar also likes eating them . what did the caterpillar eat ? let’s see.
    2 、欣赏课件,了解故事内容。
    (1)  完整欣赏课件,让幼儿初步了解故事内容。
    (2)  教师讲述故事,让幼儿进一步理解故事内容。
    T :one Sunday morning ,the caterpillar was hungry, on Monday the caterpillar ate one a le, but he was still hungry(星期天的早晨毛毛虫很饿,星期一它吃了 一个苹果,但是它还是饿)  T: where is the a le,stand up ? (老师问孩子苹果在哪里) S: I’m here (幼儿根据各自的头饰做扮演的角色来回答)。T: what did the caterpillar eat on Monday ?S: a le.T:how many a les did the caterpillar eat? S: one. 教师出示图谱,让幼儿验证自己的回答。T&;am  say on Monday the caterpillar ate one a le(师幼一起回顾故事情节,每说一天回顾一次) (后面每天都这样进行。)T :on Sunday again, the caterpillar became a big, fat caterpillar, he was going to sleep…… Oh, he was a beautiful butterfly!
    (3)  老师再次讲述故事,幼儿听故事给图片排序。
    T: look , the caterpillar became a big, fat caterpillar ,because it’s eat lots of food .What did the caterpillar eat from Monday to Saturday ? can you arrange these pictures with the story?(看,毛毛虫变得又大又胖,因为它吃了很多东西。毛毛虫从星期一到星期六都吃了些什么东西啊,你能边听故事边将这些图片按毛毛虫吃东西的顺序排列一下吗?)
    3、 分角色故事表演。
    (1) 按角色故事表演。
    (2) 换角色故事表演,由幼儿扮演毛毛虫。
    T: the caterpillar became a beautiful butterfly! Now let’s have a dance ,ok?

    What’s this ?

    名称:What’s this ?

    要求:1、能听懂句型“What’s this?”,会用“It’s a……”句型回答问题。
    2、复习单词:monky、ra it、cat、dog、panda、elephant、tiger、wolf、bird、fish



    一、Please stand up.
    Trun back.
    Let’s say “Good morning,teacher.”
    There’re many teachers at here,we’re ha y and gay.
    Now. Let’s sing a song《Hello,Good morning》.
    Turn back.
    Sit down please.
    二、T: Today is Thursday.
    What’s the weather like today?
    C: It’s fine.
    T: On, it’ fine.
    Let’s go to the zoo,ok?
    C: Ok!
    T: Let’s riding in my car. Are you ready?
    1、  Oh, how beautiful it is?
    Look, what’s this?
    — It’s a panda.(集体 — 个2人)
    Yes, it’s a panda.
    What’s this?
    — It’s a m&;#111nkey. (集体 — 个3人)
    2、  Now, listen.  T: “汪汪汪”,Who’s this?
    —  It’s a dog.(集)(出示卡片)
    —  Oh, it’s a dog.
    T:“喵喵喵”,Who’s this?
    —  It’s a cat.(集 — 第一、二组2人)
    3、Look, what’s this?
    —  It’s a elephant.(集 — 男2、女1人)
    4、Who’s coming? Look, what’s this?(老师做兔跳)
    —  It’s a ra it.(4人)
    T: What’s this? Now, let’s read it together.
    Please read after me,“sheep”.
    What’s this? Please go on.
    —  It’s a sheep.
    What’s this?
    —  It’s a lion.(8、9人)
    四、Now, listen and act.
    monky、dog、ra it、bird、tiger、wolf、elephant、fox、lion 。
    2.Look and say.(按顺序读一遍)
    五、We’ll play a game:《The wolf is coming》.
    (老师:“The wolf is coming”幼儿要立即停止发出声音,并蹲下,否则被狼吃掉)
    T: Dog!
    T: The wolf is coming.
    (还可以让幼儿轮流上来做)Who wants to try?
    六、Now, it’s too late. Let’s go home.
    Boys and girls, let’s sing a song《Good bye》.

    What Colour?


    2、能用who are you?并用I’m进行对话交流。


    2、词汇:Yellow  Red  Orange  Blue  Green  White


    T: Hello, Good morning, boys and girls!
    S: Hello, Good morning, Miss Wu.
    Step2:句型“Who are you? I’m…”操练。
    T: First, Let’s play a game, Ok?
    1)玩捉迷藏游戏引入句型,教师蒙住眼睛,走进幼儿中摸到幼儿问:Who are you?请幼儿回答 I’m…  (三次以上)
    2)T: Next, Let’s talk。
    Step3: 学习新单词
    T: Let’s stop! Now well, look, I have red coat. How nice!  again.
    Do you like red?              What colour? Again.
    1)学习yellow  red  orange  blue  green  white
    依次出示彩色花片(组成一朵花)学习单词。分全班—男孩—女孩—小组读。 T: well, Now, Let’s play an other game, Ok?
    Step4: 复习单词。
    T: Well, This game with colours.
    Guess what am I holding?
    It’s a Magicbox.
    T: Open the box, It’s a Magicrope.
    Guess first what colour?
    猜对了就欢呼“Yes”,猜错了,就说“No, sorry”。
    T: At last, Now look.


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